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Wei Huang: The Tenure-Track System and Academic Research Productivity:Evidence from Reforms in Chinese Universities

[Published]: 2022-11-25[Source]: [Browsing]:

Speaker: Wei Huang(Associate Professor, The National Institute of Development, Peking University)

Description:Leveraging personnel system reforms in 46 Chinese economics departments, we conduct an event study to estimate the impact of the tenure-track system on research productivity. Using manually collected individual-level information on each faculty member in these departments, we show that tenure-track faculty have 0.18 (or 130%) more annual publications in high-quality journals during their probationary period than faculty hired under the traditional personnel system. Significant evidence shows that the increased incentives generated by the tenure-track system, not positive selection, leads to this increased productivity. The tenure-track reform accounts for much of the increased productivity in Chinese economic research.

Time:November29, 2022(Tuesday),14:00-16:00

Venue: Tencent meeting Room ID:122805355